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A functioning alcoholic finds herself embroiled in a struggle to keep her child from being separated.


⋆ Director & Writer Naveen Sagar ⋆ Producer Krushagra Kumar ⋆ Co-Producer Alejandro G. Charles ⋆

Director of Photography Max Gleiser ⋆ Assistant Producer Cyrus Jabbari ⋆

Casting Rachael Fisher ⋆ Script Supervisor Luke Hart-Moynihan ⋆ Editing Naveen Sagar ⋆

⋆ CAST ⋆

⋆ Maya Faris   Logan Floyd ⋆ Gina   Cece Rogina ⋆

⋆ Lizzy   Camille Cote ⋆ Jeff McDonald   Mike Bannon 

⋆ Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with Zeiss Super Speed MarkII 

max gleiser movie andrade
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