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Max Gleiser was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Growing up on a household that worked with film and television, since young he fell in love with film's ability to completely immerse and take him on a journey to a completely different narrative world. Growing up between the big city and the island of Itacuruça, creativity and imagination were always instigated, and a passion for visual story telling guided Max to film school. At Rio he earned his B.A. in Film Production, Communications, from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, and after working on the Brazilian industry, Max moved to Los Angeles, USA, to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts in Cinematography Film & Television Production from Loyola Marymount University, where he enhanced the technicalities of camera movement and lighting into helping instigating different feelings on the audience and connections with the characters. He was awarded many different awards, including the Ian Conner Cinematography Award.

Max is particularly drawn to work that deals with the complexity of the human psyche, being on narrative, music videos or documentaries. He strongly believes that the job of Director of Photography is not only to create conceptually wonderful images, but to initiate a debate and help the audience to connect with the visual imagery behind the content. To engage. 

Max lensed three feature films and over fifty shorts while residing in Los Angeles, CA. His time in the United States included an array of awards that brought him to become an active member of the ABC and later of the SOC. Max's work ranges from the dark & gritty thrillers to crisp & polished commercials, always aiming to elevate the project's visual style.







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