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Max Gleiser's journey began amidst the vibrant landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, where a household steeped in the world of film and television ignited his passion for storytelling. From a young age, he found himself captivated by the enchanting power of cinema, its capacity to transport him to entirely new narrative realms. Raised between the bustling city and the serene island of Itacuruça, Max's formative years were a fertile ground for cultivating creativity and imagination, ultimately paving the way for his cinematic pursuits.

With a burning desire to explore the realms of visual storytelling, Max embarked on a trajectory that led him to earn his B.A. in Film and TV Production, Communications, from the prestigious Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian industry bore witness to his talents before his path took him across oceans to the heart of Los Angeles, USA. There, he undertook a Masters in Fine Arts in Film & Television Production, specializing in Cinematography and Producing, at Loyola Marymount University. It was during this time that Max honed his expertise in camera movement, lighting techniques, and their emotive impact on audiences, which garnered him accolades including the coveted Ian Conner Cinematography Award.

Max's artistic inclinations lean towards narratives that delve into the intricate depths of the human psyche, spanning across genres such as narrative films, documentaries and even music videos. As a Director of Photography, Max's philosophy transcends the realm of merely crafting visually stunning images; he sees his role as a catalyst for discourse, fostering connections between audiences and the visual essence that underpins the narrative. This purposeful engagement aligns seamlessly with his directorial pursuits.

Throughout his tenure in Los Angeles, Max left an indelible mark by lensing three feature films and overseeing the creation of over fifty shorts. His impactful work not only garnered a multitude of awards but also earned him active memberships in esteemed industry organizations such as the ABC and later the SOC. Max's diverse portfolio encompasses everything from shadow-laden thrillers to impeccably polished commercials, all with the overarching aim of elevating a project's visual identity.

Furthermore, Max Gleiser's exceptional producing abilities have led him to a new chapter in Toronto, where his talents now span the Canadian, American, and Brazilian industries. As an international Director of Photography and Creative Producer, Max has crossed borders, fostering dynamic creative collaborations. Max's engaging enthusiasm and endless imagination infuse invigorating energy into each project. His journey, now interwoven with global artistry, welcomes those seeking to bring their creative visions to life.


Collaborating with Max places your project at the forefront, where imagination flourishes and every idea stretches toward boundless horizons. His genuine commitment ignites the realization of your project's artistic and visual essence. Embracing this opportunity sets the stage for an extraordinary journey, where your projects not only shine but are nurtured by someone who cares deeply about the process from inception to completion. With Max on your team, the path to achieving your creative aspirations widens and beckons invitingly, supported by his dedication to your project's results and the journey it takes to get there.



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