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The love story between a novelist and his muse ends up abruptly with the revealing of an unexpected secret.


⋆ Director Zoran Zonde Stojanovski ⋆ Writer Marco de Ornella ⋆ A film by Lobo Films Production ⋆

Executive Producer Marco de Ornella ⋆ Producer Max Gleiser ⋆ Producer Taylor Erica ⋆

Director of Photography Max Gleiser ⋆ Music Aaryan Shah ⋆ Assistant Director Taylor Erica ⋆

⋆ Sound Kevin Vargas ⋆ Gaffer Thomas George ⋆ 1st AC Shudi Zheng ⋆ Grip Steele Pace ⋆

⋆ Still Rayne Fitton ⋆ Costume Nea Haberman ⋆ Location Manager Jeff Danis ⋆

Special Thanks Eric John Rebhan ⋆

⋆ CAST ⋆

⋆ Marco   Marco de Ornella ⋆ Maria   Maria Camila Giraldo ⋆

⋆ Shot on Blackmagic URSA Mini G2 Pro with Cine Sigma Zooms 

max gleiser movie andrade
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