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A young rapper moves to Los Angeles in search of stardom and instead finds an unlikely friend in his dispirited

apartment manager whose dreams led him to the same city twenty years prior.


⋆ Director & Writer Ryan Silva ⋆ Producer Colton Van Til ⋆ Producer Justin Valentine ⋆ Associate Producer Max Gleiser ⋆

Director of Photography Max Gleiser ⋆ Editor Justin Valentine ⋆ Makeup Artist Melissa Atencia ⋆

⋆ Assistant Director Sophia Hoefle ⋆ Alexandra Kirby ⋆ Sound Marc Rivas ⋆ Annie Villalobos ⋆

Gaffer Po Han Su ⋆ Dylan Bursick ⋆ Camera Operator Donald Nam ⋆ AC Morgan Montgomery ⋆

⋆ CAST ⋆

⋆ Frank   Freddy Andreiuci ⋆ Reggie   Ryan Silva ⋆

⋆ Maya   Lora lee ⋆ Jared   Jared Scott ⋆ Amy   Lara Ingraham ⋆

⋆ Shot on Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G2 & Pocket 6K with ZEISS Distagon & Sigma Cines  

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Let me be Frank
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