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A woman strangles her curmudgeonly grandfather to death after an argument.

However, unbeknownst to her, it's his birthday and her family have come to celebrate, leaving her scrambling to get away with murder.

However, is the old man actually dead?


⋆ Director & Writer Melissa Frederickson ⋆ Producer Melissa Frederickson ⋆ Max Gleiser ⋆ Zhiyuan Zou ⋆

Director of Photography Max Gleiser ⋆ Score DJ Brady ⋆ Makeup Artist Melissa Atencia ⋆

⋆ Art Ben Wang ⋆ Stunt Coordinator Reuben J. Lee ⋆ Assistant Director Ashley Beuhler 

⋆ Gaffer Richard Jackson ⋆ Rigging Gaffer Po Han Su ⋆ Key Grip Sophie Gemelas 

⋆ Wardrobe Ze Gu ⋆ Script Supervisor Bia Freire ⋆ Colour Max Gleiser 

⋆ CAST ⋆

⋆ Colette   Kelsey Risher ⋆ Grandpa Joe   Rudolph Whitcomb ⋆

⋆ Doris   Juliette Hourani ⋆ Cousin Garren   Dan Rutkowski ⋆ Ms. Grayson   Ronisue Kiser ⋆

⋆ Officer Mike   Phillip Bartolf ⋆ Officer Rick   Ethan Cooper ⋆

⋆ Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with ARRI ULTRA Primes 

max gleiser movie andrade
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