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Password: enjoy_improvise

When a young couple signs up for an improvisation workshop, hoping for a fun new experience, they unexpectedly find their relationship put to the test.

The workshop unleashes hidden insecurities and leads to unforeseen, emotionally-charged outcomes that threatens to redefine relationships.

⋆ CAST ⋆

Lisa  Isadora Britto ⋆ Michel   Fred Volkmann ⋆ Zoé   Jhenny Emerick ⋆

Workshop Students   Andreza Dias ⋆ Beatriz Arpal ⋆ Felipe Coutinho ⋆ Gabeu Cândido ⋆

 Jonas Rainbolt ⋆ Lay Pinheiro ⋆ Lucas Mugen ⋆ Ohanna Salles ⋆ Michael Di'Martino ⋆ Nicole Pinheiro ⋆

Instructor  Fábio Nunes ⋆

⋆ Shot on SONY FX3 with Zeiss Distagon 

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