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Trudy Macloo is the Queen of Sweets, the host of the show Husband Approved, where her husband is the only judge.

All things go sideways when a hot internet sensation enters the show and defies Trudy's ways.


⋆ Director & Writer Max Gleiser ⋆ Writer Hannah Herman ⋆ Candice Horde ⋆ Maximillian Kubisiak 

Executive Producer Max Gleiser ⋆ Producer Ashley Beuhler ⋆ Director of Photography Max Gleiser ⋆ Shudi Zheng ⋆

⋆ Makeup Artist Melissa Atencia ⋆ Editing Gianna Gencarella ⋆ Production Design Nicole Souze ⋆ Animator Michele Andrade ⋆

⋆ Assistant Director Thomas Richmond ⋆ Set Decor Carson Bennett ⋆ Madeleine Cindrich ⋆ Julie Zhao ⋆

Gaffer Keith Schneider ⋆ Camera Operator Zack Rayner ⋆ 1st AC Rishabh Trivedi ⋆ 2nd AC Addison Woodside ⋆

Wardrobe Arnav Jain ⋆ Music Mikayla Petersen ⋆ Script Supervisor Hannah Herman ⋆ Sound Mixer Brad Beasley 

Sound Recordist Tyler Chase ⋆ Dolly Grip Avery Christmas ⋆ Key Grip Emily Stevenson Grip Nicholas Punales 


⋆ Trudy Macloo   Colette Christian ⋆ Derek Troppo   Trevor Dow ⋆

⋆ John Macloo   Matthew Rhodes ⋆ Wes   Tucker Futrell ⋆ Juliet Neuker   Andrea Stradling ⋆

Announcer   Ian Phillips ⋆ Deputy Bates   Mark Krenik ⋆

⋆ Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini & Red One with ARRI Ultra Primes & Angenieux EZ Zooms 

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Poster Husband Approved
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