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A celebrity power couple overwhelmed by fame and fortune, are forced to deal with betrayal from someone they didn't see coming.


⋆ Director Katheryn R. Bryant ⋆ Jonathan Rowan ⋆ Writer Jonathan Rowan ⋆

Director of Photography Max Gleiser ⋆ Producer Katheryn R. Bryant ⋆ Associate Producer Max Gleiser ⋆

Makeup Artist Melissa Atencia ⋆ Assistant Director Haylee MillerStunt Coordinator Reuben J. Lee ⋆

Gaffer Carlos Ramirez ⋆ Script Supervisor Bia Freire Owen Tait ⋆ Colourist Max Gleiser ⋆

⋆ CAST ⋆

Kyro King   E.P. Evans ⋆ Kristina King   Alia Caprie ⋆

Angela Rose   Dorothy Mannine ⋆ Westley Beckford   Rahmaan Patterson ⋆

⋆ Shot on ARRI Alexa Mini with ZEISS CP.3 

max gleiser movie andrade
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