Once upon a time in a Dictatorship (2017) - 15'04''

Four major Brazilian contemporary children’s literature authors show and tell how, in order to awake both children and adults’ conscientiousness, they managed to circumvent censorship during the country’s military dictatorship (1964/85).

Dry Clouds (2017) - 2'17''

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, two young survivors in a dystopian near future search for a last drop of hope.

Six Inch Karma (2013) - 4'47''

A shoe-crazy young woman, coveting a new fancy pair of high-heels, goes to unimaginable extremes looking for any and all available monies she may lay her hands on, only to spoil her new acquisition on the first sewer she walks by.

Dry Clouds (2017) - 2'17''

As a clockmaker fixes a woman’s watch – a watch that once belonged to his murdered significant one, flashbacks reenact her final moments, witnessed by him.

Verde Vício 20 years (2016) - 4'47''

Cooking tips and costumers’ praises in the space of a famous health food restaurant in Rio

Valentine’s Day at Cuponeria (2012) - 4'47''

Valentine’s Day ad for CUPONERIA – a successful Brazilian coupons site – in which a girl, in love with a shop delivery boy, finds a very clever way to attract his attention.

Replexidão (2014) - 53''

A poetic video-teaser for an invented word – Replexidão – which names a new book published by young poet

Kika Hamaoui.

Now or Never (2017) - 2'17''

Old West sharpshooting very pretty young girl wins impossible bet against small town chauvinistic Sheriff.


Nighty Night, Charlie (2013) - 19'08''

Mixed technique. As the “making of” plot about how two ‘favela’ (slum community) young adults develop a stop motion animated short movie, it gets mixed up with the animation short movie itself.


Projeto Jaz 2nd Season (2017) - 30'31''

Cristian finds out his father went missing and he's going to have a child, all in the same day. A mysterious figure shows up to him and offers a way of solving all his problems. He thought all he got to do was hijacking his boss, but he was wrong.


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